In 1994, our founder and owner Tim Klosterman, set out to successfully build a family-owned, midsize Contract Job Shop that specialized in short production runs with quick turnarounds for the customer’s who needed such. Over the years his company has developed into a full service ISO 9001:2015 Certified CNC Machine Job Shop that services customers throughout the United States. His efforts in building a positive, professional and quality-oriented culture has developed Machine-Pro Technologies into a leader in the Precision Machining Industry world of today. Machine-Pro Technologies continues to grow today by continuously improving in every aspect with our costumers through Lean Principles and Continuous Improvement Activities. Our modern day facility, staff, and equipment is constantly growing because of these very reasons. Our company goals exceed the Industry Standard and we don’t stop there, we are always working to improve in all aspects of our business.

We know and understand that the strength of our company comes from the team members themselves, our 3 shift operation with approximately 85 team members understand the importance of taking care of the customer at all times by delivering a quality part, on-time and at a fair price, usually within an average of 3-4 weeks lead time. So please explore our website, learn more about Machine-Pro Technologies and how we can serve your needs. Thank you for visiting and we hope to speak with you soon.