Company Profile

The founder and owner of the company is Tim Klosterman. He has spent his entire career working in the machining profession. The owner of Machine-Pro Technologies, Inc. knows the value of providing his customers with high-quality product at reasonable prices. Machine-Pro has devoted a great deal of time, resources, and equipment to attain its goals of continuous improvement in the areas of quality and customer service.

As a result of their continuous improvement efforts, Machine-Pro Technologies, Inc. was certified for ISO 9001:2000, an international standard for quality, in April 2001. Machine-Pro Technologies, Inc. was one of the first companies in the country to receive this certification under the new standard. This places Machine-Pro Technologies, Inc. among the leaders in the industry. Machine-Pro Technologies is presently operating under the 9001:2015 certification level.

Since our inception in 1994, Machine-Pro Technologies, Inc. has grown into a mature CNC machining facility with 70+ CNC machines dedicated to meet our customers needs. Machine-Pro Technologies, Inc. has very high standards for quality and value in meeting our customer’s needs. Our customer base includes companies from the Automotive, Aerospace, Agricultural, and Medical Industries. To be more competitive on pricing our company does not mark up materials for profit leaving extra value for you, our customer.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality contract production machining and related assembly to exacting customer provided specification, specializing in product and project management and development. We provide this capability and service in diverse markets where we can provide consistent and significant value regarding quality, delivery, and price.

Our Values

To maintain the highest ethical business standards when interacting with customers, employees, and suppliers; while fostering an environment of teamwork, trust, and respect. We value our customers as the foundation of our business and base our relationship specifically on respect and mutual benefit. We value the opportunity to develop profitable and long-lasting relationships through core competencies and innovation.

Our Quality

We have and will continue to fully maintain and support our ISO 9001:2015 certification through diligence and execution of the practices and policies set forth in our Quality Management System, thus exceeding our customer’s expectations while enhancing their positions in their respective markets.